Welcome to my blog!

Hello World,

My name is Cat Vachon. I feel that it’s important to be our authentic selves – that we shouldn’t feel the need to adjust who we are for specific people or situations.  I like to tell people I’m a little weird when I’m asked to define myself. I think we’re all a little weird, and that’s OK. My priorities in life are my husband, family, friends, kitties, creativity, my health, and my sanity. Can you relate? Probably to at least one of those, right? I also suffer from an anxiety disorder so a lot of what I do revolves around managing my anxiety so that I can make the most of this mountain we call life. It’s never easy, but it can be rewarding. I hope to share my “little weirdness” and some of my experiences with you, maybe inspire you, and have some fun doing it.

Talk to you soon!

With love,




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